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LS Activity is an event and reservation management software from LS Retail that integrates to LS NAV and lets businesses manage everything from retail sales to courses, ticketing and appointments. Whether you are a retailer or a pharmacist who needs to reserve experts and equipment, or a salon, spa, pet store, fitness centre or a country club that needs to reserve resources and spaces, or a restaurant that needs to manage table reservations and events, or you are in the transport and leisure industry and need to reserve rides and trips and issue admissions, LS Activity is the perfect fit for you.

What can you manage with LS Activity?

  • Reservations and Appointments – Manage reservations and appointments for single and multi clients, single and multi locations or single and multi resources. With LS Activity, you can send email confirmations and reminders and carry out additional charging, if required.
  • Ticketing Features – Set-up script templates, issue and print tickets, and control admissions and logging.

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  • Simple Rental Support – Reserve rental equipment and determine quantity and price based on duration (minutes, hours, days). You can also print rental contracts at POS.
  • Classes and Ongoing Rides – Classes with limited number of participants can be scheduled as ongoing activity on set dates and times.
  • Courses – Courses with limited number of participants can be pre-scheduled, and all needed resources reserved for each course session on multiple days. You can also manage your payment and waiting lists
  • Events – Manage event reservations, where multiple resources, for instance conference rooms, equipment and service personnel, can be reserved for a scheduled period. The reservation can contain multiple event dates, and even reserve resources outside the period scope of each event, for instance for preparation purposes.

Resources can be linked for availability reasons, for example a large conference hall, can be split into multiple smaller rooms. Food & beverage quotes can be prepared on the point of sale, and then passed on to the event additional charges. Standard NAV quote can be issued, and tasks can be planned and assigned to employees.  Finally the event can be charged and finalized either through point of sale or standard NAV invoicing.

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