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The success of a restaurant not only relies on satiating customers’ taste buds, but it is also hinged on exceeding your guests’ sky-high expectations of fast and impeccable customer service. Modern-day customers also expect the flexibility of ordering online or through mobile. Needless to say, it has become imperative for food operators to deliver frictionless omni-channel journeys.

What if restaurants could reduce order lead time, create menu flexibility, bring down operational costs and delight customers with an easy-to-use single end-to-end software solution?

LS NAV Hospitality is a fully integrated restaurant management software with a multilingual POS system that empowers management and staff, giving them all the needed tools to meet the rising challenges of the food business.

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Here are some key functionalities and features:

Restaurant POS

Manage split or partial bills easily and fast.

Mobile POS to take orders and payments directly at the table.

Terminals connected to the kitchen display, enabling customer orders – including modifications and requests – to be sent straight to the chef, and delivered fast without the risk of errors due to miscommunication.

Integrated system- Prices can be changed centrally easy and fast and all modifications will be immediately delivered to all the POS terminals.

Restaurant and Table Management

Handle reservations including the tracking of arrivals, no-shows and cancelled bookings.

Graphical table management intuitive graphical view of the restaurant, including table setup enables staff to check table status at a glance ensuring faster service.

Table Status Control– waiters can quickly view the status of table in their sector, checking if tables are free, if guests have been served, if the orders have been promptly sent to the kitchen and so on.

Kitchen Management

Recipe management system– file recipes by style, category and ingredients, make variations and automatically calculate the quantities of ingredients needed per portion.

Kitchen display system–  allows for two-way communication: data can be sent from the POS to display stations, and then the kitchen can update dishes preparation status, making it visible at the POS.

Kitchen printing– print the orders in the sequence they arrive, including all relevant information.

Synchronized timing- When the order is sent to the kitchen, the system automatically displays the items on the display station according to the production time, following the rule that all items for the order should be ready at the same time.

Customer Segmentation, Loyalty and Mobile POS

Multi-channel loyalty schemes- enables guests to earn and use points in restaurants, online and through mobile apps. Each menu item can also be customized to give variable points.

Easy marketing– Segment returning customers by factors such as habits, preferences, spending etc. and offer tailored campaigns and promotions. Thus, diners can order quickly and easily anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Point of Sale– Take orders and payments straight at the tables and give waiter instant access to information about menu items, special offers and more.

Staff Management

Simplify administrative costs- Review staff’s costs and role planning, supervise time-registration procedures and approve them, manage roster-scheduling and more.

Manage employees– Meet compliance, regulatory, and reporting requirements effortlessly.

Analyze staff performance– Complete performance overview on an easy-to-read dashboard.

Reports and Advanced Statistics

Get real-time insights of business performance. Analyze sales by POS terminal, staff member, item or time of the day. Check kitchen’s performance and evaluate the success of loyalty programs.

Cloud deployment

Deploy with zero footprint in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. With Azure, you can have a more stable and secure infrastructure – backed by Service Level Agreements, save time on new server deployment and migration, eliminate hardware costs and scale up and down as needed. Levtech has capabilities across cloud options be it private, public or hybrid cloud, that enable you to seamlessly transition to Microsoft Azure, and get the maximum value in the shortest time. An on-premise deployment of LS NAV Hospitality is also possible.

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