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Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual employees, an overview of your entire organization and the strategic tools you need to develop the human resources upon which your business goals depend. Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives your human resources team the core administrative tools to help them manage employees, teams and departments across your organization more effectively.



Payroll Management

  • User Defined Pay Item groups (Allowances – Bonuses – GOSI …)
  • User Defined Pay Items (Earnings – Deductions – Loans – Company Cost – References)
  • Fixed value / Formula based Pay Items, with Formula Editor, Min & Max Limits, Rounding Methods, Payment Frequency (every 1, 3, 6, 12 … Months) with schedule tracking
  • Flexible Pay Items GL Integration with multi-levels allocations
  • Flexible Employee Pay Items Profile with multi-levels allocations, and Effective Dates tracking
  • User defined Transactions Entry Templates
  • Transactions Entry by single employee, multiple employee (excel like format), importing from excel
  • User defined Reporting Grouping Templates
  • PProcessing of Pay Items (user defined list) outside Normal Monthly Payroll, like production bonus payments, overtime, incentives, and performance evaluations awards
  • User defined Payroll Bank Transfer File Format
  • Auto Generation of Payroll Journals (accruals & payments)
  • Comprehensive reporting like Salary Pay Slips, Payroll Statements (user defined design), Payroll Comparisons, Loans Balances, Employee Statement … etc.
  • User defined Ranges Templates (Ages – Salary – Service Period) for listing & statistical reporting
  • User defined Reports Signature Templates, for printing signature titles & names in reports footers

Payroll Statement Reports

  • Totally user defined report, based on the following templates:
    • Report Grouping template: to define the list of fields related to employee (or whatever the report grouping is based on like Departments, Cost Centers, Job Titles) like Employee Id, Employee Name, Job Title, Nationality
    • Transaction Template: to define the list of Pay Items that will be listed on each lines, like Basic Housing Transportation, … , Total Earnings, then GOSI, Loans, Absence, … Total Deductions, then Net Salary. In template definition, user can define the colors of each column, like here, Total Earnings is Green, Total Deductions is Red, and Net Salary is Blue.
    • Signature template: to define the signatures to be printed in the page trailer, or at last page of report.
  • Optionally, user can select:
    • Adding additional column for employee signature that will be last column
    • Adding additional columns for employee serial no per group, or per report that will be first columns
    • Increase the line spacing between records to control the total employees per page
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