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Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual employees, an overview of your entire organization and the strategic tools you need to develop the human resources upon which your business goals depend. Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives your human resources team the core administrative tools to help them manage employees, teams and departments across your organization more effectively.

Features and Benefits:

  • Attract and retain talent.
  • Increase organizational insight.
  • Store and access your employee information in one place.
  • Personalize Role Centers to speed productivity.
  • Provide convenient, online access with Employee Portal.

LevPay helps businesses streamline their complete payroll processes and improve payment accuracy. It is a flexible and caters to regional requirements. It will help you reduce costs, gain insight into personnel expenditures, and comply with regulations — especially when dealing with a complex workforce.

With LevPay, you will gain better control over your payroll operations and transform your payroll into a strategic tool for monitoring performance and personnel more effectively across your organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Expatriate Employee Management
  • Simplify compliance with payroll regulations and laws
  • Reduce costs by minimizing preparation time and errors
  • Standardize and automate complex payroll processes
  • Employee probation and violation management


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