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In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is no more the same, as customer sentiment is shifting constantly and there is an avalanche of options to pick from. To stay ahead of the curve and effectively build long-term customer relationships, the retail segment needs loyalty programs that are as dynamic as the modern-day customers.

LevRetail is a loyalty solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that could significantly enhance your customer engagement program. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Social Engagement, Power BI and Azure, LevRetail brings a whole new level of personalisation to the shopping journey across collection of loyalty points, customized redemption rules, personalized offers and targeted marketing. The solution also uses sales automation, customer service and Marketing in CRM. Additionally, LevRetail incorporates ClickDimensions which is the Marketing Automation tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Sales transactions within Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be tracked, reported and used for marketing segmentation.
  • SMS and email surveys help to gauge customer satisfaction and provide actionable insights to create a better customer experience.
  • Dashboard functionality provides an array of important reports right at a user’s fingertips, providing powerful insight into loyalty program performance.
  • Integrated, cross-channel personalised email helps in improved customer engagement and tracking.
  • Social engagement enables connecting with customers across all social media, while social monitoring and listening can be used to determine how a brand is perceived, analyse consumer behaviour and sentiment, and identify issues that consumers may have.
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