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3 Ways to Drive Real Estate Transformation with Azure
27th March 2018
Real Estate transformation with Azure

The Real Estate industry is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation and Azure’s integrated tools, from mobile DevOps to server less computing are boosting productivity in this dynamically growing sector. With its global network of Azure datacenters, rapidly expanding portfolio of Azure services, presence in both consumer and business spheres, and expertise in datacenter software, Microsoft is uniquely qualified to help companies transform their businesses through a cycle of engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and transforming products.

Continuous innovation and high-quality apps

Azure supports a range of available operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases, and devices, enabling customized industry solutions that can be started small and scaled up fast. As technology savvy millennials are now moving into the housing market, there is a rapid uptake in mobile device access. It is critical for Real Estate players to stay responsive to that demand. .NET technologies delivered on the Azure Cloud create responsive, adaptive modules for any device and form factor, providing cross-device experiences with support for all major mobile platforms.

Keeping home buyers invested and interested means releasing new web and mobile capabilities faster to stay competitive. Azure delivers a great workaround for escalating infrastructure costs and IT management demands allowing focused and collective efforts to increasing the value proposition for customers.

Using the cloud to reduce costs

Moving to the cloud can help real estate companies reduce costs, free up space and create a flexible working environment. Azure’s comprehensive set of cloud services deployed on a global network of datacenters present a marketplace premise for Real Estate brokerage that cuts back physical workplace costs and improves collaboration. For companies looking to scale up from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions, next generation Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools such as Visual Studio Team Services available on Azure have all the features and functionality needed without the cost and hassle of managing hardware and software on-premises.

Releasing new capabilities fast

To stay ahead in the booming Real Estate sector, companies need to deliver innovation at the speed required in today’s real estate market. While releasing new web and mobile capabilities faster to keep attracting home buyers is imperative, factors like Location Management, Contract and Lease Administration in a managed cloud environment optimize management of real estate assets and gain insights to improve organizational planning and performance.


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