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4 Steps to Lower IT Investment with Cloud Hosting
15th May 2018
Lower IT costs with cloud

More and more businesses are leveraging the Cloud to host mission critical applications and solutions. With Cloud based solutions, businesses can rapidly scale up for global reach. In addition to lower cost of ownership and IT investment, mission critical applications such as CRM and ERP can also be unified and data silos broken down through intelligent cloud applications that help move business forward.

Dynamics 365 is one such rapidly evolving business solution that enables increased efficiency for organizations by ensuring that all key parts of a business stay connected through seamless integration of CRM and ERP capabilities along with productivity applications. This is a truly intelligent solution that enables businesses to transform for the digital age, the ability to innovate quickly and move new products to market.

So what are the organizational benefits of deploying intelligent solutions like Dynamics on the Cloud?

Reduced cost of ownership: With outsourced IT infrastructure, organizations can eliminate costs associated with managing data centres, computing and storage. Solutions deployed on the Cloud also deliver managed IT solutions that do away with the need for an on-site IT team. So with no upfront investments and a subscription model, business risks associated with IT investments are easily mitigated while at the same time, still ensuring access to state-of-the-art business applications. With end-to-end Cloud management, costs for software, equipment, licensing and maintenance are also reduced as major components such as storage, network and computing are already a part of the cloud platform.

Infrastructure stability and security: Typically for small to mid-market businesses, IT staffing is limited, and most companies would prefer to focus on key business objectives, rather than hardware issues. Through migrating infrastructure and Dynamics to an enterprise-class platform like the Azure Cloud, businesses can leverage benefits of intelligent solutions without necessarily having the set-up to manage them. Focusing on key business objectives means quicker time to market and innovation for businesses with disruptive solutions. With the Hybrid Cloud model, it is also possible to ensure greater IP and data security.

Scalability: Instead of dealing with setting up test/dev environments on hardware locally, the Cloud model allows for new configurations without affecting production. With the cloud, organizations can scale resources and integrate new systems as needed, allowing for true flexibility.

Integration: With a Cloud solution such as Microsoft Azure it is easy to integrate other widely used Microsoft products like Office 365 into one – because both are Microsoft products, they work well together with other applications, making reporting and other functions run smoothly. Running applications and a platform from a single provider make it easier to perform and implement updates and patches.


With the multiple benefits of using Cloud hosted solutions and apps for business success, organizations today have a plethora of options to choose from – not restricted by heavy investment or subject matter expertise. If you’re thinking of implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics system, contact us on to know more on marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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