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A Quality CRM System Ensures Great CX
5th September 2018
CRM and Customer Experience

With industry leaders, across multiple sectors, embracing digital transformation enthusiastically, the bar has been raised considerably on what the contemporary consumer presumes as a desirable standard in customer experience (CX). In order for businesses to retain market share and relevance within their industry, delivering great customer experience has become a primary concern. Selecting a CRM system that effectively addresses the needs of your organization and your customer base, can be a crucial factor in either enhancing or undermining the profile of your organization.

Recent studies have conclusively determined that price point and product quality have actually been superseded by CX as the primary reason why a customer chooses an enterprise to do business with. CRM systems offer enterprises an organized and empowering mechanism to manage and enhance their customer engagement process. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ “Retailing 2020” report predicts that businesses will need “near perfect” CX to remain relevant in two years . A recent Walker study indicates that by 2020, CX will be the number one differentiator in buying decisions. However, an incorrectly selected or deployed CRM system can end up creating more issues than it resolves. Choosing a CRM solution that is the right fit for your organization can having far reaching and definitive effects.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement is an automated solution that provides exhaustive CRM analytics and coordinates the organization of data, enabling informed customer engagement. It allows for targeted marketing, effective sales and real-time customer engagement through Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation, and Marketing apps that work together seamlessly.

An effective CRM system is the nerve center of your customer engagement

A quality CRM system allows your business to understand your customers through insights gained on the basis of their demonstrated preferences, purchase history and previous behaviour. It has the ability to compile and organize extensive and detailed information about the individual consumer or demographic, as well as being able to generate an overall understanding of your organization’s entire client base. CRM systems are able to customize your message, in order to create a unique CX as well as a focused interaction.

Customers interact with businesses across diverse channels and by contacting diverse teams within your organization. CRM software captures all of these interactions – during the course of the entire customer lifecycle – generating customized and comprehensive customer profiles and facilitating consistency in the organization’s engagement with its clients.

CRM systems enable consistency in your customer engagement

Personalizing communication has been shown to generate measurable gains in positive customer perception of enterprises. A CRM system gives businesses an in-depth knowledge of what their customers need. Organizations can use data gleaned from multiple interactions to anticipate customer behaviour and to tailor their engagement with their clients. CRM systems streamline the management of customer inquiries – logging requests and automating several associated interactions – while maintaining a consistent tone and presentation that can be customized to accurately represent your brand and company culture.

The ability to provide quality service on the go

CRM systems are compatible with access on mobile devices, enabling easy provision of an enhanced customer experience through prompt responses to interactions initiated by customers. Mobile CRM also allows businesses to instantly offer their customers up to date information on products and deals. The modern customer wants the highest quality of service and access to it without delays. CRM systems grant businesses the ability to engage their customers with accurate, coherent, quick and reliable responses.

A comprehensive tool that aligns your organization with its customers

CRM systems rationalize a diverse set of functions and requirements into a cohesive whole. They enable businesses to align organizational processes with ever evolving and dynamic customer needs – securing market share and delivering great CX. The benefits that a quality CRM system delivers include:

  • Tracking customer interactions and managing the highly complex data-set that a number of such interactions generate. Access to coherent data is critical to generating actionable insights and highly quality, consistent customer experiences.
  • Identifying opportunities is an aspect of CRM systems that is highly impactful. This could be centered around anticipating contingencies or discerning a chance to differentiate your business from its competitors.
  • Secure and organized storage of customer data enables a business to optimize its customer engagement, derive insights from data-sets, streamline customer facing processes and address regulatory concerns.
  • Accurate and up to the minute metrics generated by CRM systems allow businesses to function in an optimal manner. Enabling high sales conversion ratios, identification of service enhancement opportunities and addressing systemic inefficiencies.
  • Organizing your enterprise to best address your customers. CRM systems align your internal processes and intra-organization relationships with your customers. The most common reason for businesses to fall behind their competitors is loss of relevance to the market. In a dynamically evolving world, the ability to operate in coherence with your environment is priceless.


Bringing business processes in line with customer needs and trends, identifying opportunities, organizing complex data-sets and the automation of deep analysis is a compelling argument for CRM systems. To understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to optimize, personalize and enhance your business, please reach out to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com

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