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Analytics & Microsoft Power BI
14th March 2019
Analytics and Microsoft Power BI

Data is a powerful enabling resource that can facilitate informed decision-making. However, merely the availability or amount of gathered data is not enough to provide useful business intelligence. In order to easily leverage its data, an organization needs digital tools with powerful analytical capabilities that can be accessed through a user-friendly interface and intuitive visualization. Modern organizations rely on being able to rationalize multiple streams of information to facilitate intelligent decisions. A data analysis tool needs to process information quickly and enable accessible interpretation. Microsoft Power BI delivers an effective mechanism to achieve these outcomes.

Microsoft Power BI delivers cloud-based BI services as well as a desktop based interface. The application facilitates data preparation, data discovery, and general data warehousing processes. Power BI features well-conceived dashboards and dedicated apps for Android as well as iOS phones to allow easy remote access, data sharing and useful insights. Easily incorporated into the Azure cloud platform, the solution is set apart by its user-friendly custom visualizations and touch screen ready functionality.

Intuitive insights and customizable visualizations that turn raw data into proactive processes

Microsoft Power BI users can select data, fields and visualizations in three simple steps that result in an on-screen output within seconds. The same dashboard can be used to create more visualizations and insights, which can then be easily saved and published to the web, to be shared with other users. This ability to process intricate queries, across multiple data sets and utilizing a highly effective tool through a simple but effective user interface, is the definitive strength of Power BI. In addition, the ability to easily create templates and manage relationships makes this solution a very effective but highly intuitive tool.

The ability to customize visualizations between stock options, free Office Store offerings, as well as those sourced from other users, multiply the benefits of a powerful analytics engine considerably. Businesses, and specific teams within them, require user-specific insights to be able to make the most of available data and insights. Visualizations that are too complex can sometimes prevent the end-user from being able to get valuable actionable information. Not only do intuitive visualizations create the possibility of a genuinely effective self-service BI, they also facilitate ease of interaction between specialized analysts and the ordinary end user.

Integrating Data Streams, Advanced Analytics and Process Optimization

As a web-based platform that monitors data and processes, Microsoft Power BI can empower organizations across diverse profiles with its highly capable analysis and reporting functions. An out-of-the-box integration between Power BI and SQL Server Analysis Services allows you to create accurately modeled templates and interactive dashboards. Microsoft Power BI is available as a free offering with data limits and a paid version with the ability to process greater throughput. Some of the salient features of Microsoft Power BI include:

  • Effective and empowering visualizations that can be interpreted easily by a non-expert while retaining the ability to facilitate experienced analysts. Its effective drag-and-drop features allow users to rationalize complex data streams and web sharing capabilities while also allowing easy dissemination of information.
  • Highly versatile connectivity ensures that Microsoft Power BI can be integrated with a diverse set of ecosystems, third-party software and Microsoft tools. This solution offers unlimited access to on-premise and in-cloud data from a unified interface, for effective real-world operations.
  • Ease of collaboration makes Power BI an effective enhancement for any organization. The ability to share dashboards and reports quickly – and using visualizations that are intuitive – empowers coordinated actions across teams. The ability to rationalize data from disparate sources, in a fashion that can be understood by all, allows an enterprise to optimally leverage its human resources.
  • Self-service data prep for big data allows Power BI to deliver truly powerful and transformative capabilities that can integrate complex streams of big data across a comprehensive set of supported on-premises and cloud-based data sources.
  • Empowered analytics and AI with Azure allows Power BI the capacity to transform organizations with the latest technological capabilities and allow continued access to emerging innovations.
  • Data-driven decision making can be the differentiator that allows enterprises the ability to address customer expectations, KPIs and competitive process management, among numerous other crucial advantages. Identifying and exploiting data-driven insights allow an organization to go beyond established best practices and engage with real-time opportunities.


Effectively integrating its processes and teams allows an organization the operational flexibility to exploit unlimited opportunities for efficiency. By facilitating optimal performance through a combination of powerful analytics and effective visual representation of insights and reports, Microsoft Power BI ensures that the human resources of an enterprise can coordinate their efforts and access coherent and well-structured information.

To understand how Microsoft Power BI can help your business operate to its optimum potential, please reach out to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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