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Dashboards and CRM Analytics in Real Estate
21st August 2018
Dashboard and CRM Analytics in Real Estate

The vast majority of real estate investments and purchases are made after considering multiple alternative options, over what can often be a reasonably long duration. Consequently, few commercial sectors are as fundamentally driven by ongoing relationships between customers and the enterprise, as real estate. Any business, in an environment that is as optimized by such highly personalized customer service, stands to benefit tremendously from dashboards and CRM analytics.

The real estate market is prone to constant revision in trends and preferences. Being able to deliver a customer focused solution often felt like playing catch-up with these shifting needs in the past. This is, primarily, the reason for the widespread adoption of dashboards and CRM analytics tools, among contemporary real estate companies.

Collecting, collating and interpreting data has become a crucial concern in this industry. Anticipating and identifying emerging trends, then utilizing the inferences to deliver the highest quality in customer experiences, is a pivotal advantage to gain. CRM dashboards enable the business to gain intuitive insights into both qualitative and quantitative data. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement can help you create exhaustive visual representations of CRM analytics using dashboards – organizing personalized data and enabling businesses to make the most of leads through informed customer engagement.

Dashboards facilitate monitoring business functions and processes

Dashboards rationalize data across market trends, individual customer preferences and process-oriented schedules. They tell real estate companies the effectiveness of various activities including sales, marketing and client interactions. They facilitate businesses in being able to codify and represent elaborate and diverse streams of data. Access to data in a form that corresponds to instinctive human cognitive abilities is a potent empowerment of employees. In turn customers also receive targeted and focused services that enhance their experience and improve their chances of identifying a property that is the best fit for them.

Functional strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 complimented by Property 365 are invaluable tools for real estate businesses. By creating synergies between web-based data collection and artificial intelligence enabled analysis, these tools provide enterprises with real-time and comprehensive insights at unmatched speed and precision, and from any device, anytime! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps can be easily optimized for the business processes of your agency, as well as the markets you serve. These include:

  • The app’s LinkedIn integrated navigator rationalizes data specific to your market and helps to focus energies around gaining customers, driving sales and making sense of a complex sets of data points.
  • Customer Service – By providing a single platform to manage and interpret data from surveys, interactions and social media, this app facilitates the delivery of holistic services that keep customer engagement comprehensive, personalized and on schedule.
  • Field Service – This app automates the dissemination of relevant information to employees and customers – as well as coordinating their schedules and creating an ongoing record of their interaction. The app’s ability to deliver the maximum possible benefit to customers with the highest efficiency is crucial to maintaining high standards in service.
  • This app integrates the data gathered from the Adobe Marketing Cloud with your businesses’ customer outreach efforts. It allows the tailoring of specific solutions and pairing the concerns and priorities of individual clients with specific solutions. Integrating data identified by the Sales app into the process also personalizes marketing campaigns.


The ability to bring business processes in line with macro and customer specific trends, identifying opportunities, being able to deliver relevant data and the automation of deep analysis is a compelling argument for dashboard delivered CRM analytics in the real estate industry. To understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to optimize, personalize and localize your business, please reach to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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