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Dynamics 365 in Education
29th July 2019

Education is a critically important sector in any progressive society. Like all other institutions in modern civilization, educational institutes, schools and facilities are also being redefined through the intervention of modern digital technology. Breakthrough innovations are empowering the learning process, enhancing collaborative communication, promoting creativity and delivering dependable and powerful back-end processes, within educational institutions. The deployment of Cloud technology, agile applications, robust databases – and more – engineered specifically for the industry, is helping to usher in a new paradigm.


Education encompasses several very complex processes and roles, dependent on each other and the various participants involved, to be optimal in its effectiveness. Results often depend on how well the several inter-related aspects, and a diverse body of stakeholders, can work together and create a culture of excellence. While there will always be a strong element of the intangible in such a quintessentially human activity, technology has a crucial role to play in empowering the experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Education unlocks opportunities for efficient and congruent processes that allow teachers, administrators, students and alumni a means to make the most of their relationship with the parent institution.


Functional Advantages that Dynamics 365 for Education Delivers

Creating synergies is the fundamental advantage that digital transformation offers organizations. In an educational institution, this is of particularly critical importance. The everyday functional interactions in such an institution involve several overlapping layers of organizational elements and needs. Some of the crucial enhancements that Dynamics 365 for Education enables are:


  • Self Service Portal: Websites are more than an online representation of an organization. Dynamics 365 for Education enables all stakeholders to interact and communicate using self-service portals, greatly reducing the strain on resources and also allowing individuals to customize their engagement with the institution.
  • Secure Payment Platforms: Dynamics 365 portals can be securely linked with payment gateway providers to facilitate ongoing payments from students and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Feedback and Customer Service: Feedback is a very crucial part of the process in an educational institute. Dynamics 365 provides a dependable means to log, record and act on customer feedback. The platform can be configured to specific requirements and access control.
  • Alumni Services: Alumni are an integral part of an educational institution. Recruiting their insights and active involvement can play a very important role in enhancing the workings, reputation and ongoing development of the organization. Dynamics 365 facilitates an effective means to involve alumni in diverse capacities, according to their availability.
  • Marketing and Liaison: Marketing and engaging with outside entities is very important for an educational institute. Successfully leveraging relationships with the larger community provides a both opportunities as well as a context for the organization’s efforts. Dynamics 365 streamlines these interactions and empowers them to reach their optimal potential.
  • Events, Courses and Apprenticeships: Keeping records of an individual student, as well as the contact hours and courses being offered, can be a complex task. Dynamics 365 provides a dependable means to both record and disseminate this crucial information.

OneWorldSIS and What it Delivers in the Realm of Education

OneWorldSIS is a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that delivers comprehensive support over the entire student lifecycle and across several administrative requirements within Education. It facilitates educational institutions, of all orientations and requirements, in providing agile and effective services within one highly customizable and effective solution. Its capabilities address and support process recruitments that include the entire range of processes in the domain, from enrollment and scheduling to record management and relationships with alumni as well as external entities. Data remains available for correlation and use in perpetuity, allowing for activities to be tracked and logged as well as meeting all regulatory requirements.

OneWorldSIS features a highly robust and proficient engine to manage workflows and dashboards that give users easy access to these capabilities. The underlying Microsoft platform permits easy integration with additional solutions such as Outlook and the ongoing automation of processes based on collected data.

Dynamics 365 as the Ideal Domain-Specific Solution in Education

In the context of Educational institutions data needs to be recorded and sorted on both activity and outcome basis and accessible across a large spectrum of devices, platforms and operating systems. Microsoft Dynamics offers a powerful means to positively impact end-user productivity as well as actionable administrative insights on an ongoing real-time basis. Through lifecycle changes, curriculum and regulatory updates, expansion of courses and evolution of methodologies, a solution faces many challenges. Dynamics 365 provides institutions and individual stakeholders with a dependable and agile solution that can be customized for individual accounts as well as specific departments, while retaining the integrity to secure records over an extended period and across multiple sub-domains. Data is the most effective enabler of personalized learning experiences as well as effective administration. Dynamics 365 helps institutions take effective control of this resource and deliver high quality services in a highly error-intolerant ecosystem.


Educational institutions serve a diverse range of stakeholders and require very specific and targeted technological intervention, for optimal function. In addition to process support, a software solution needs to also be comprehensive in correlating and leveraging data from disparate but interdependent sources, within the larger context of the institution. To understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your educational institution achieve optimal operational capacities and efficiencies, please reach out to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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