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Empower your Assets with EAM 365
18th June 2019

Enterprise Asset Management and IoT

Optimizing and maintaining the efficiency of the enterprise’s assets is crucial for the viability of a business model. Planning and smoothly executing asset maintenance activities is vital to ensuring minimal downtime and cost control. A unified, rationalized and fit-for-purpose system that provides this functionality is an essential part of the modern organization. Replacing a siloed and fractured approach to asset management with an optimal process can be further enhanced by aligning your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution with IoT technologies.


Maintaining the efficiency and performance criteria of physical assets and production equipment is a core operational pre-requisite for businesses that rely on such resources. Apart from ensuring comprehensive system integration and optimization, EAM solutions can be empowered with distributed processing and sensor driven data enabled by IoT. Solutions such as EAM 365 can be utilized for large scale operations as well as small to medium sized production lines. By providing a centralized platform for tracking real-time data across process, asset and logistical silos, EAM 365 – our industry solution – ensures real-time resource management and coherence of operations.


Anticipatory insights and IoT as the basis for optimal performance

The advantages of a deployment that integrates EAM and IoT technologies from the ground up, rather than superficially, are fairly obvious. A fragmented approach limits the ability of an organization to track relationships between codependent performance metrics, as well introducing inefficiencies due to duplication of processes and resource allocation. EAM is crucial in empowering the collection, consolidation and processing of data, to help optimize interactions between devices and operators. Theoretically the availability of greater amounts of data, from a more diverse set of components, should result in more informed processes. In practice, however, the arrival of IoT technologies has made this equation a double edged sword. Far too often, vast amounts of unstructured data can accumulate in front-end IoT edge systems, without the greatest benefit being derived. EAM solutions present the possibility of identifying specific correlations within this data and leveraging it to attain higher process and production metrics.


An integrated flow of information relating to manufacturing assets and production lines allows for enhanced control and interoperability, improved visibility across systemic dependencies, predictive maintenance and anticipatory intervention in resource management. Microsoft EAM 365, especially when aligned with IoT, allows manufacturing and other highly equipment dependent businesses the ability to stay one step ahead of possible disruptions and process inefficiencies.



Process and Capital Optimization through effective Analytics and integrated Data

Inaccurate or redundant inventory, sub-optimal maintenance and unused capacities result in an inflation of capital costs. EAM solutions assist in coherent management, enhanced process reliability, regulatory compliance and minimized downtimes, by enabling predictive and insight empowered management practices. Some of the salient features of the synergistic use of EAM solutions and IoT technologies include:

  • Management of Physical Assets. The ability to process equipment related data, from performance metrics to depreciation and operational wear, enables anticipatory intervention and optimal deployment. Apart from full integration with other data streams in the organization, EAM solutions unshackle the potential of IoT using real time input from equipment sensors.
  • Scheduling and Resource Allocation. EAM allows the scheduling of maintenance requirements using pre-determined physical resource usage parameters and technician availability. Organizations can operate in the basis of incoming data streams as well as equipment specific templates. The solution allows the automation of activities that enable optimal processes as well as tracking the associated cost and resource allocation.
  • Data-driven decision making. By crunching the numbers in a data rich environment, EAM solutions empower asset related decision making, ensuring efficient ongoing processes and anticipating requirements to keep your system future-ready.
  • Mobile App for effective Field Operations. The mobile app and interface for solutions such as Microsoft EAM 365 allow stakeholders across your organization to track relevant data pertaining to usage, requests, issues and upcoming orders for spares and replacements. Real-time access to a comprehensive data-set ensures minimal downtime and ease of coordination across disparate teams and hardware.
  • Fully Integrated Solution. Comprehensive integration with other Dynamics 365 applications, such as those relating to budgeting or operations, allows your organization the ability to ensure mutually synergistic processes. For instance, the ability to map maintenance and equipment requisitions to specific projects and available capital facilitates a significantly more empowered business model.
  • Real time data crunching and insight driven processes. EAM solutions and IoT, in combination, constitute the perfect feedback loop that can create a synergy between multiple physical assets across interdependent processes. In effect, the conjoined effect of these two technology results in their most fruitful deployment



Rationalizing and integrating its processes and physical assets allows an organization the ability to operate at optimal efficiency. EAM solutions provide the perfect solution to harnessing the powerful possibilities that are made available by the emergence of IoT technologies. By facilitating minimal downtime, safety and process efficiencies through a combination of specific analytics and a user friendly interface, Microsoft EAM 365 ensures that the physical assets and equipment of an enterprise can be coordinated into coherent performance.

To understand how Microsoft EAM 365 can help your business operate to its optimum potential, please reach out to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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