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Industry Solutions on the Cloud are Changing the Game for SMEs
15th May 2018
LS Retail on Azure

At the most basic level, the public cloud is about instantly extending your IT infrastructure. And it can offer small and midsize organizations benefits such as bringing products and services to market faster than the competition, and spending more time innovating and less time managing IT infrastructure.

For organizations to Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast, and redesign their operating model for agility, the hybrid cloud model – combining a mix of on-premises and cloud-based applications in the same IT environment – is emerging as the preferred choice for businesses.

If you are a retailer selling services in addition to products, software such as LS NAV and LS NAV Hospitality that allow management of sales, activities and events within a unified platform and deployed on Cloud, can be the game changer for your business.

Functionality such as deep integration with core product features – like the retail products and integrated marketing activities for campaign and offer management, sales, CRM, member management, staff management etc. breaks down siloes and mitigates the risk of working with standalone solutions.

Closing the loop with seamless links between the backend finance and inventory system and the Point of Sale system, Microsoft provides a complete Cloud or Hybrid Cloud platform to deploy an end-to-end retail management solution that delivers measurable revenue, process and operational efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership.

The solution is also intuitive in that client preferences can be registered and the solution will automatically try to fulfill those requests as much as it can.

Software for leisure and entertainment business

LS Retail software for the leisure and entertainment business allows you to gain overview of resources, activities and facilities for all your locations in the back-end of your retail management system, where you handle all your other items and sales.

So businesses can expand their operations by keeping customer loyalty across channels and scaling up globally through a single window comprehensive retail solution. Because LS Retail makes it possible to manage activities, services and also handle sales in the same POS, the system becomes flexible and adapts quickly to growing business needs.

Hybrid & Cloud deployment

Even as Cloud services have become a go to option for large and SME companies that are looking to improve their businesses by employing IT solutions and services, the Azure stack also delivers a hybrid model that helps companies get the best out of Cloud computing while still maintaining the integrity of their intellectual property. So it’s possible to deploy with zero footprint on the cloud or employ a Hybrid model on Microsoft Azure. With Azure, you can have a more stable and secure infrastructure – backed by Service Level Agreements, save time on new server deployment and migration, eliminate hardware costs and scale up and down as needed.

The obvious advantage here is the scalability and accessibility to new applications, resources and services at a lower cost of ownership.

  • It means you instantly have global scale. So you have everything you need to support your business growth ready to go when you need it. This means you don’t have to worry about running out of capacity for things like file storage or scaling up your applications to support more employees or customers.
  • And it means you can run your operations more cost-effectively. With the cloud, you pay only for what you use, helping you save money as you grow your business. This can be especially beneficial for any applications that have variable computing needs, whether you need to quickly accommodate the storage of large files, or you need to meet peak customer demand for an online sale. Moving to the cloud also means you don’t have to make capital investments in hardware, freeing up budget to spend on other business needs.
  • The cloud also offers small and midsize organizations enterprise-level security, with the high level of data protection and datacenter security required by the largest organizations.


Levtech has capabilities to deliver solutions across the Cloud platform – be it private, public or hybrid cloud, that enable you to seamlessly transition to Microsoft Azure, and get the maximum value in the shortest time. To know more please email us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com for your complimentary consultation.

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