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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online

LS Central/LS NAV

LS Central/LS NAV

Retail POS+ERP System in Dubai

The retail industry is rapidly changing in the UAE. Omni channel retail is now the norm and every customer wants to shop using a mobile device and e-commerce. To ensure great customer service, retailers need a system that is easy to learn and simple to use, and guarantees quick transactions and shorter queues at the registers. Customers demand change more and more rapidly and to keep up, retailers need a latest technology system which is constantly being improved and updated.

With LS Central/LS NAV, retailers can achieve all this and more.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LS Central/LS NAV is an integrated end-to-end retail management system (POS+ERP), which means that your POS, back office and head office all use the same application, thus enabling you to track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger, and get a better control over your business.

Levtech Consulting is a LS Retail Platinum Partner in UAE. With our in-depth expertise in retail and LS NAV implementations, we help retailers streamline their operations, manage inventory, create omni-channel experience and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Key Features of LS Central/LS NAV

Scalable and Efficient

Simple and fast to implement and quick to learn.

For retail and hospitality businesses, The right tools to make your job easier

An integrated end-to-end system; The POS, back office and head office all use the same application, thus giving you better control of the business.

Total channel integration, Track sales, stock and productivity live on all channels


A point of Sales and Services

Advanced product search, Enables your staff to provide customers with detailed information about product specs and availability

Bring the checkout to the customer, With the Mobile POS, your staff can close transactions wherever customer are, and send receipts via email or as e-receipt in the loyalty system.

Sales tools to empower your staff Access to customer preferences and shopping history enables your staff to give personalized recommendations tailored to each customer’s tastes..

Support for offers and promotions POS system supports multiple types of offers such as Mix & Match, multi buy and discounts

Flexible payment and multicurrency, System can handle many types of payment in the same transaction.

Easy to learn – easy to use, with help of the graphical user interface.

Powerful and easy setup and configuration; the POS terminals are suited for many different types of retail needs and environments.


On your favourite device
LS Nav POS can be deployed on stationary and mobile devices, including various models of smartphones and tablets.


In-store management

Total overview of processes and operations Monitor your key performance indicators, manage your inventory, prepare a season, pre-plan purchasing and distribute retail items – all from your headquarters.

Simple inventory processes on mobile devices Manage processes like receiving, picking, stock counting, stock changes and label ordering on mobile devices.

Manage shelf-edge or item labels LS Central/LS Nav can handle both paper and electronic labels.

Retail campaign management Easily create and manage special offer campaigns


Smart product management

Simple item creation and maintenance, With LS Central/LS Nav, you can centrally create items for all your different sales channels: physical stores, the e-commerce, loyalty apps and mobile devices. Easily update prices, offers, and customer information from head office, which will instantly be reflected across all channels.

Product grouping, LS Central/LS Nav gives you the possibility of having multiple hierarchies or non-hierarchical groupings of items.

Import items in bulk, You can use the system’s straightforward item import functionality to import files from vendors to create and update the company’s item master.

Color and size with up to six dimensions, Assign up to six unique dimensions to each item such as colour, style, size etc. enabling you to have accurate information for each item sold, improving your inventory maintenance and fine-tuning your reordering of goods.


Inventory Management

Manual replenishment with allocation planning Prepare a season, preplan purchasing and decide how to distribute sale items.

Automatic replenishment including forecasting Simplify item distribution and planning, lower item stock cost and calculate safety stock levels

Open-to-Buy Control the amount of capital invested in products


Staff management

Calculate sales commissions for selected items, item groups, individuals or groups of sales persons, for predefined periods.

Plan rosters Plan how many people will be needed in each role.

Communicate with employees Employee Portal lets staff members view upcoming shifts, send and receive messages, accept or decline work requests etc.

Tailored to your role, both back office and POS display the information each staff member needs.

Cut your administrative costs, you can quickly review all key staffing information.

Loss prevention tools to detect suspicious activity early.


Price and offer management

Flexible pricing Set your prices based on a number or parameters including date, place and more.

Large variety of offers such as multibuy, Mix & Match and discounts.

Frequent buyer programs Offer shopper benefits such as discounts even if the purchase occur on different visits.

Total automation; Offers that qualify are automatically applied to all sales.


Reporting and Analysis- BI

On-premises BI LS BI based on Targit

Cloud-based BI LS Insight based on Microsoft Power BI and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).


Loyalty across the channels

Increase retention with the loyalty apps offering in-store, online and mobile benefits.

Personalised marketing; you can improve your marketing campaigns with the information you collect through your loyalty program.


The omni-channel experience

E-commerce site offered to customers with exceptional levels of transaction flexibility and seamless fluidity.

Mobile loyalty app which can be used to shop, check product availability and stock levels, see product images and read descriptions, receive personalised offers, use coupons, find store locations and more.

Connect the channels, allowing your customers to get their products when and where they prefer.

Always up-to-date; all information on items, prices and discounts is maintained centrally and distributed to all touchpoints.


In-depth analysis tools: BI

On-premises BI: LS BI, based on Targit and designed to give managers relevant and actionable insights into their organisation, resulting in improved decision making and more efficient business processes.

Cloud-based BI: LS Insight, based on Microsoft Power BI and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

With the help of these tools, you will:

  • Be able to take quick and effective business decisions based on real data.
  • Gain the insight needed to create effective replenishment models based on consumption, forecasting and inventory levels.
  • Learn which channels, store locations, product categories perform best and worst.
  • Have a complete view of loyalty members, so that you can create fitting campaigns.
  • Monitor KPIs easily with role-based dashboards, ensuring you are always on track.


Personalised recommendations

A powerful sales assistant to increase staff performance and overall sales.

Suggest appropriate products based on the customer’s previous purchases and tastes.

Push the right items and choose which item should be suggested for cross-selling.

Across the channels; display product recommendations on all customer touchpoints.

Cloud deployment

Deploy with zero footprint in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. With Azure, you can have a more stable and secure infrastructure – backed by Service Level Agreements, save time on new server deployment and migration, eliminate hardware costs and scale up and down as needed. Levtech has capabilities across cloud options be it private, public or hybrid cloud, that enable you to seamlessly transition to Microsoft Azure, and get the maximum value in the shortest time. An on-premise deployment of LS Central/LS NAV is also possible.


One software solution, front to back

Head office:

  • Product lifecycle management
  • Manual and automated item creation and maintenance
  • Dynamic hierarchy, attributes and other grouping of product
  • Stores and POS configuration and management
  • Price, offer, coupon and campaign management
  • Open-to-buy
  • Automatic replenishment and forecasting
  • Franchise management
  • Serial/lot number support
  • Loyalty program, mobile loyalty and portal management
  • Special orders, e-commerce, mobile commerce order processing
  • Vendor performance
  • Staff management and sales commission
  • Sales reporting and BI
  • Loss prevention
  • Allocation planning and replenishment by allocation


Store back office:

  • Dashboard for store operations
  • POS management
  • Cash management
  • Stock counting and adjustments by simple worksheets
  • Store replenishment by stock request
  • Purchase and transfer orders
  • Sales history
  • End-of-day management
  • Flexible architecture
  • Manage staff permissions
  • Receiving and picking goods
  • Stock counting and adjustments
  • Item and shelf label ordering and printing
Front of store:
Easy-to-use POS/mobile POS

  • Fast checkout
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Broad POS hardware support
  • Multiple payments
  • Special orders entry at POS
  • Item cross-selling
  • Item finder
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Member management/Loyalty program
  • Click & Collect
  • Mobile inventory processes, including receiving and picking


Customer service:

  • Mobile loyalty app on various devices
    • IOS
    • Android
    • Windows
  • Personalised offers and notifications
  • e-commerce stores
  • Access to product information on web and mobile
  • Map of locations with directions
  • Easy loyalty registration and access

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