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In this highly competitive business world, most successful companies realize that they need to empower and enrich their most precious resource: their people. The modernized work environment requires a new way to deal with identifying, motivating and retaining the best talent. Dynamics 365 for Talent helps you to create a culture of empowerment where your people deliver extraordinary outcomes for your customers. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, you can strategically attract, onboard, engage, empower and optimize your workforce so they thrive and achieve high impact business results.

Attract the right talent, streamline the interview process and get better insights into hiring pipelines. Transform your hiring experience with great hires in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Connect to LinkedIn Talent Solutions to find and source top candidates
  • Create accurate candidate profiles
  • Select top candidates to participate in the interview cycle
  • Use the interview scheduler to coordinate calendars, automate the scheduling process and communicate with the candidates on expectations
  • Allow interviewers to easily provide feedback from their mobile device or desktop
  • Shorten time and cost to hire

Dynamics 365 for Talent helps you empower people to achieve more by giving them proven processes, familiar tools and intelligent guidance to take the next best action – so they can do their best, impactful work. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent you can streamline provisioning and training processes, while helping the new hire make critical connections that are required to hit the ground running.

  • Create a personalized pre-boarding and onboarding experience
  • Share critical resources and relevant documents to get your new hire productive
  • Create onboarding milestones and task lists
  • Identify critical contacts and help make connections
  • Discover communities to join
  • Monitor the success of the onboarding progress

How you manage performance and feedback is critical to keeping your employees engaged and driving impactful business results.

  • See up-to-date performance dashboards that reflect real-time data
  • Enable employees to track accomplishments and view their performance at any time to establish an environment of trust and goodwill
  • Drive full transparency around employee performance and enable corrective actionss
  • Allow peers and managers to provide real-time, continuous feedback

Show employees all the training opportunities that are available to them and how it will affect the trajectory of their career. Managers and HR can keep track of their employees’ accomplishments, make sure they’ve completed required certifications, and recommend additional professional development opportunities.

  • Drive the next best action for professional growth with role tailored experiences for employee levels
  • Guides employees to complete required training and suggest professional development resources
  • Allow employees to track their progress and upload videos to share with their peers

Design high-performance experiences across the talent journey. Easily set up and simplify your HR programs, including personnel and organizational management, benefits and compensation, health and safety and business process administration.

  • Reduce administrative tasks with self-service
  • Get insights for the right action with people analytics
  • Simplify compliance to global regulations
  • Deliver cost-effective and connected programs


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