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Mobile Apps for Optimal Customer Experience
14th November 2019

A highly responsive and always accessible customer experience (CX) is an essential service for the contemporary business to provide. Not only does the modern customer expect a personalized service that is cognizant of their previous interactions with your business, 24/7 and on-the-go availability is now a standard expectation. State of the art CX is one the primary means for an enterprise to empower their customer engagement and enhance brand loyalty. An effective dedicated Mobile App has several advantages in being able to deliver the desired standard of service, as opposed to a website-based solution.

The uninterrupted and ubiquitous connectivity that mobile technology has ensured in the modern world has resulted in significantly heightened customer expectations, as compared to even a few years ago. When it comes to access to services, customers expect convenience and the ability to initiate engagement at any time of their choosing. In recent years, there has been a rapid evolution in customer service channels, with dedicated apps being generally regarded as the most convenient to the customer. The quality of the customer experience that a business can deliver is one of the primary factors that influence purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. However, eCommerce apps have also been found to the 4th most deleted apps as a category1. Despite the ease of access and lower data consumption that a dedicated application enables as a solution, the customer perception of these platforms is highly subjective and dependent on the quality of service. With CX being a major focus area for contemporary businesses, the design and delivery of customer-facing mobile apps need to be flawless, to be accepted by end-users.

The Advantages of a Mobile App-Empowered Customer Journey

Every stage and aspect of a customer journey can be enhanced through a mobile app platform. From personalized marketing to ensuring an agile and responsive means to delivering quality engagement, and the easy embedding of feedback-and-response mechanisms, the advantages are multifaceted. Mobile apps provide an enterprise and its customers a highly effective tool for interaction. In practical terms, a dedicated mobile app reconciles and empowers all internal processes and employee actions, to deliver easy and consistent customer engagement.

With customers embracing a mindset that considers mobile access a standard service, it is incumbent upon businesses to provide services that reflect this. The modern enterprise is required to deliver CX that is smooth and consistent across all mobile devices and screen dimensions. An app-based solution also ensures instantaneous customer feedback and an ability to respond quickly and decisively. As far as internal processes within the enterprise are concerned, a well-designed mobile app provides a means to track and address CX metrics in real-time. Delivering services, as well as secondary interactions such as offers and surveys on-the-go, play a key role in enhancing responsiveness as well as the availability of actionable data. The ability to create cases based on customer responses and their allocation to appropriate teams facilitates immediate response to customer concerns. A mobile app solution can be easily configured through drag and drop functions to ensure the availability of the most relevant data. Initiatives to improve CX performance and tweak internal processes can be reviewed and updated to deliver a consistent standard and content.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows businesses the flexibility to create specific apps that achieve this standard of consistency in its promotions, loyalty programs and complaints handling procedures. The ability to integrate with additional solutions in the MS Dynamics suite adds further empowerment of such capability. For instance, it can enlist Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Service to easily leverage customer-generated data using multiple platforms across self-checkout service, assistance requests and chatbot queries. Solutions like Power BI and Dynamics 365 AI for sales can ensure that feedback, surveys, and records of previous activity can be interpreted by AI to enhance several additional internal functions.

Mobile Apps in the service of optimal Customer Journeys

Automation and technology are the keys to delivering consistency and excellence in CX. Mobile app solutions significantly raise the bar by providing a lean and fast means for assisting in the delivery of a customer experience that is highly responsive. Additional features that can be accessed easily through a mobile app platform include:

  • Seamless Customer Journeys. Disjointed and inconsistent customer experiences are one of the negative outcomes of an organization. Mobile apps provide an excellent means to ensure that a dedicated and coherent solution can act as a platform that enables consistent outcomes.
  • Easy delivery of loyalty programs. A mobile app solution is the most effective means to engage customers when it comes to a loyalty program. This very popular customer engagement tool allows enterprises to nurture and build lasting relationships and preferred brand status.
  • Delivering personalized services. While personalized services are a multi-channel and organization-wide concern, mobile apps make the effort highly visible to the consumer. These solutions ensure that the customer can visually be made aware of the fact that they are being individually valued and catered to.
  • Push notifications, as opposed to pop-ups. Modern CX must walk a fine line that ensures enhanced engagement but remains unobtrusive. Mobile apps have the additional advantage of communicating through push notifications that can be initiated when the customer is not actively engaging your business from their end. This allows enterprises to convey offers, surveys, and updates without interrupting the customer as website pop-ups do.


Delivering high quality and responsive customer experience is a non-negotiable for modern businesses. In a customer-led market, a well-designed and powerful mobile app solution provides such customer experiences while also enabling highly agile and data-driven business processes. To understand how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help your business deliver optimal customer experience, please reach out to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.

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