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Levtech and SaaSplaza supports mCube group with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Managed Azure Services to expand in the world of Internet of Moving Things
15th June 2021

The Internet of Moving Things is here. Millions of devices are connected to the Internet at an ever-accelerating rate and a large percentage of these devices are in motion. From smartphones and tablets to smart clothing and wearable medical devices, mCube Group is enabling a new era called the “Internet of Moving Things,” where the movement and context of everyday objects and devices can be measured, monitored and analyzed, generating valuable data and insights that will transform the way consumers live and businesses operate. Their sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications.

mCube group turned to SaaSplaza and Levtech Consulting, sister companies from the RIB Group, to support them in their digital transformation with a future-proof cloud-based IT and business applications backbone. This backbone enables mCube for continued, worldwide growth of new digital services like MotionCloud. MotionCloud is a scalable, cloud-based platform for Xsens Animate (3D character animation) and Xsens Analyze (health, sports, and ergonomics).

Any digital transformation impacts many aspects of a company, ranging from modernization and automation of business processes and standardization of IT processes to rationalization and consolidation of the applications landscape. The Microsoft Cloud is a great platform full of technology options that work together to deliver business transformation through cloud technology. SaaSplaza, certified Microsoft Azure expert and Levtech Consulting, 3-time Inner Circle Dynamics Partner, architected the cloud journey at mCube and Xsens. They took a phased approach to safeguard the success of migration of the on-premises IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Working as a team with mCube, they designed and operated these components with the optimum combination of security, availability, agility, performance and cost.

A crucial first step, SaaSplaza’s team initially created the design for the Future Mode of Operations of the required cloud infrastructure. After approval by Xsens, SaaSplaza followed it up with a risk-free ‘lift & shift’ methodology and migrated ‘Xsens’ on-premises IT estate onto Azure, supported by SaaSplaza’s 24/7 managed Azure services and service level agreement.

From this future proof IT backbone, mCube group is taking the next steps in its digital transformation. The first steps are the steady migration of on-premises applications to SaaS versions and standardizing their operational processes across the Group’s entities on a common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

From a business applications perspective, SaaSplaza and Levtech Consulting were given the responsibility to analyze business processes across all operational entities and recommend and architect the best-fit Dynamics platform. They executed a comprehensive Business Analysis Project over 3 months with Key User Teams from the Netherlands, US, and China and presented its findings and recommendations to the core steering teams at mCube Group.

“Our digital transformation helps us to further standardize our IT processes and consolidate our applications to create operational excellence, free up scarce resources for further development and worldwide roll-out of Digital Services like MotionCloud and prepares us for future growth. In SaaSplaza, we found the perfect partner with extensive knowledge of operating global cloud-based infrastructures to support us in every aspect of our digital journey,” said Boele de Bie, COO mCube Inc. & General Manager Xsens.

“It’s great to be given the trust of mCube and we wanted to honor that trust. As cutting-edge technology company that has gone global using their own IP and Cloud technology the mCube mindset works for us. Our shared culture of teamwork, getting things done and growth worked very well and yielded the right results. This is what our mission is about: “Help business achieve more with Cloud technology,” said Berend-Jan van Maanen, CEO SaaSplaza.

mCube Group has entrusted SaaSplaza’s sister company, Levtech Consulting, to implement Dynamics365 Business Central for mCube and its subsidiaries (Xsens and Kinduct) operations across Europe, the US, and Asia. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ties into the concept of business transformation by giving mCube the modern solutions they need to increase efficiency, realize a high level of informational visibility, streamline workflows and expand into new and different markets.

Levtech Consulting has recommended implementing a Shared Global Template approach for the ERP implementation that facilitates local regulatory and language preferences to be applied on a Global Template deployment facilitating an efficient and rapid roll-out of Business Central for any new entity that is added to the Group. The Global Templates for this implementation were part of the approved recommendations presented to the Group.

“We are excited to partner with a leading technology innovator in their own digital transformation journey. The Internet-of-Moving-Things and sensor technology industry is experiencing rapid growth and it is crucial for high-growth technology companies to look inward and standardize their own processes to deliver operational efficiency through automation. In close collaboration with our sister company, SaaSplaza, we aim to deliver a future-proof cloud business platform based on Microsoft Azure and Dynamics, which will aid the technology innovator scale rapidly in coming months and years,” said Anilesh Kumar, CEO, Levtech Consulting, an RIB Group Company.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central would allow mCube to adopt new business models faster with flexible deployment, reliability, security, and an adaptable solution that grows with them. The new Azure based infrastructure would unlock the flexibility, efficiency, and insight needed to deliver better service to the company’s growing client base.

About SaaSplaza and Levtech Consulting

SaaSplaza is a global leading Cloud Services Provider (MSP), acknowledged by Microsoft as part of the Azure Management Elite program. Our mission is to help businesses achieve more with cloud technology. We do this by consulting, designing, transforming and managing enterprise-grade clouds for business-critical applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  We empower 500 customers across 30 countries worldwide. SaaSplaza is a 100% daughter company of stock listed RIB Schneider group. Founded in 2009 and a part of the RIB Group, Levtech consulting is a leading cloud technology firm delivering digital transformation through industry-specific solutions, value-driven consulting services and advanced technology capabilities based on Microsoft Dynamic 365, Azure and other global platforms. Currently, Levtech Consulting operates from offices in UAE, India, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and has a presence worldwide through RIB offices. While serving organizations across most industries, Levtech Consulting has built deep vertical focus on the real estate, construction and retail sectors through RIB’s MTWO cloud construction platform, Microsoft-certified industry solutions and domain-specific consulting skills. The firm currently has a team size of over 200 consultants and has completed over 300 Dynamics projects.

About mCube

mCube is a technology leader in sensor solutions and data analytics for the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT). mCube integrates hardware and software to provide full-stack motion solutions that capture, digitize, and analyze motion data for a variety of applications. These solutions have been widely adopted across the health & sports, entertainment, and industrial & mobility industries. For more information, visit www.mcubemems.com or www.xsens.com

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