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Performance Management Solutions: Optimizing productivity, Aligning objectives
29th January 2017

 Business Challenges

A highly competitive business environment requires organizations to manage and optimize the performance of their biggest asset, their employees.  However, this has been the toughest challenge companies are facing today, because of two main reasons:

  • Employee Output being completely dependent on skills, performance, KPIs and competence of employee.
  • Lack of clarity about employee performance.

The Solution

Performance Management Solution is a critical tool to help measure and develop employee skills. A Performance Management Solution:

  • Enables a transparent process to generate quality metrics for HR analytics
  • Improves productivity, directly benefiting the organizations bottom-line
  • Provides significant insights for the HR teams
  • Identifies KPIs and improvement areas
  • Identifies recruitment and training needs

The Objective of Performance Management

The Performance Management process is based on the principle of strengthening performance by enhancing employee development. The key objectives are:

  • To promote a fair and transparent, high-performance culture
  • Encourage dialogue between the employee and the line manager
  • Employee skill enhancement
  • Guide the development process
  • Improve employee performance

Levtech’s Performance Management Solution

Levtech’s end-to-end Performance Management Module fulfills the above objectives and more.  Integrating with an existing human resources module in AX 2012, Levtech’s robust Performance Management offering is built upon the Microsoft Dynamics platform and evaluates employee performance with a futuristic approach.

Core Competencies of the Solution

The Module operates on an extensive network linking the processes of reviewing and evaluating employees, for augmenting growth and productivity at both the individual, and the organizational level.

Relevant across industries, the Levtech Performance Management Solution enables organizations to gain a competitive edge by monitoring and enhancing performance, and ensuring compliance with corporate mission and values. This tactical approach to human resource management helps companies align their processes, employee goals and company objectives, optimize employee productivity and focus on attainment of organizational goals.

The Key Benefits of Levtech’s PMS Module

Levtech’s Performance Management Module enables companies to:

  • Manage resource goals and objectives
  • Enhance resource skill and competency
  • Perform annual/half/quarterly appraisals
  • Provide rating and training recommendation
  • Maintain Bell Curve

Concluding Recommendation

By adopting Levtech’s Performance Management Solution, that links performance with pay, and nurtures employee growth and development at every stage, organizations can build a high-performance culture, and reap the rewards of effective employee engagement.

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