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Ai, machine learning and data analytics

“A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one”

As interesting as that saying maybe it is only but true, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have come a revolutionary path of evolution from their inception. From Alan Turing who laid the foundation for today’s Machine Learning applications in 1950 which gave computers the potential to self-learn from past datasets and predict future outcomes from unknown data. To 1956 where John McCarthy coined the word Artificial Intelligence at the Dartmouth Conference. Catapulting the progress of AI field from solving algebraic problems to applications of Augmented and Virtual Realities and Natural Language Processing which defined smartphones keypad predictive texts and auto-corrects. Today we have applications in the field like Deep Learning which is a branch of ML that deals with even more abstraction and predictability, Big data which is collection of data that cannot be captured, managed or processed by conventional software, providing massive amount of decision-making, insight, and process optimization capabilities.

Now, that ML and AI have been established as crucial sources of ground-breaking progress in organisations. We at Levtech use them to their maximum potential by integrating 3 core principles encircling AI and ML into each of our products.

CHRES (Chatbot for Human Resources and Employee Self-Service) is our Optimization to the conventional HR system, making it more automated than laborious and providing employee engagement and discarding mundanity.
Time Sheet Attendance System
Time Sheet attendance system is our Easy to use native Android application which removes the hassles of conventional methods of keeping up to date with fixed assets which let’s be honest are very crucial to a company. Offering all asset information in 1 unified form and place. Location tracking so that your irresponsibility does not cost the company money, so changing its location will be automatically updated as well and of course permission-based security for the app.
Shopper Swift
Shopper Swift is also one of our products that we have optimised to change the retail market completely inculcating AI and ML. We realised that just selling the products alone won’t satiate customer satisfaction, they need to be given a better experience during the process as well. AR and Image Recognition is used for identification of the products and displaying information regarding the product. A virtual shopping cart is where the customer can add all their itineraries and then have a self-checkout option removing standing in long queues with trolleys for paying your bills. The data collected from this application can be a potential source of rich Data Analytics and Machine Learning to offer recommendations to the customer within the app and even pave new business models for the organisations. TSA 365 is a one-stop solution for businesses with multiple locations and shifts. Efficiently maintaining employee timesheets using. The application will include a check-in and check-out time stamps that will also include the department to with and the tasks allocated for the day or when one might be taking a break or leaving the office. Facial Recognition will be applied to scan their face and log them in with the timestamp recorded.

Some of the cognitive products (not limited) in this space are:

Using Microsoft face verification technology, a face can be detected and authenticate using pre-trained models. The technology is built into an App which just needs a WIFI or internet connection to connect with the Azure cloud platform to complete the check in and check out in under 3 seconds.

This brings advantages like mobility, low cost of maintenance and better tracking of work force to the organization. It can help in reducing the time taken for billing your end customer in case you are working on time and material projects and the there is a large team.

Using an app which can be installed on any smartphone, you can scan a document such as Purchase orders and vendor invoices and then convert the image text into machine readable form and populate the same into you ERP system which can then be used to automate search and posting. The model can be trained on different types of document and data types and hence is flexible for various scenarios.The practical use of this will be in terms of speeding up the data capturing process which would take days to few hours. The captured data can be send to an ERP or other data capturing points.

Chat bots are common these days with many of them being hosted on social platforms like Facebook, twitter and e-commerce sites.

We are expanding the utility of chat bots to key business areas with built in intent understanding ability. The natural language and intent processing capability of the chat bot enhances the user experience by allowing the user to type naturally without having to bother about following a rigid structure.

Though we are used to hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence in every walk of our life, yet there seems to be doubts around how it can be useful. The challenge lies in not being able to comprehend the potential real life used cases to which it can be applied.

We make the AI transition journey smoother for our clients by helping them answer the basis question – “What can AI do for my Business?”. The process is to engage with our client in an open discussion revolving around their business values, models and specific pain areas. Our understanding of the technology plus the business domain expertise, enable us to come up with the best solutions which could translate into measurable benefit as and when they are implemented.

It is becoming important that companies start looking to gain deep insight into their businesses and make better decisions that make them profitable. This is only possible through better understanding of the existing business data and to have a strategy to extract meaningful data from multiple operational systems which do not talk to each other.

We provide professional BI consulting services to advise on the best BI strategy keeping in mind the need for flexibility and industry specific requirements. We analyze your data and suggest the best data modeling approach. We specialize in Microsoft Power BI.

Today, data visualization has become a rapidly evolving blend of science and art that is certain to change the corporate landscape over the next few years.

Data visualization is a quick, easy way to convey concepts in a universal manner – and you can experiment with different scenarios by making slight adjustments.

We deliver custom dashboards and reports to help businesses track their KPIs, track changes and identify trends in their data. We explore visualizations which can best suit the needs of our customers and which project the best output.

Data Science is not something which is new and has been in use since long to gain meaningful insights. With the advancement in technology and cloud computing, the science has started to make more sense in the business world.

We use machine learning and deep learning methods to find hidden patterns and trends which provide companies with extra insights. Complex algorithms are used to come up with predictive analysis which could help businesses to take decisions well in advance before the competition and could have a direct impact on multiple business facets like revenue, profitability, marketing and many more.

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