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SharePoint Capabilities that can Drive your Digitization
14th May 2018
SharePoint for Digitization

Microsoft’s SharePoint unifies several functions on one single powerful platform   

One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is productivity cut backs due to inefficient processes. Take the case of internal document management – an average 200-employee company can stand to lose a significant 38% on productivity due to a ‘confused approach’ of document storing and searching. Businesses cite revenue loss as high as $1 million due to poor productivity resulting from improper document storage and milling through un-versioned documents.

Further, businesses are also combating the issues of latency, security and connectivity for file shares and MAP drives across teams.

With this as a backdrop, it becomes easy to understand the relevance of SharePoint in business today. Already available as part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint is a powerful, collaborative platform delivered on browser for strong business process automation, document management and shared workspaces for business teams.

So why should companies use SharePoint?

SharePoint boasts several capabilities that deliver compelling benefits for businesses:

Business Process Automation – SharePoint has built-in out-of-the-box workflow automation and business process management to handle different business scenarios, such as budget approval, leave and time management, to name a few. Streamlined processes increase efficiency and accelerate productivity by automating both internal and external business processes.

Document Management Solution (DMS) – The earlier SharePoint team sites have evolved into a full-fledged DMS to Store, edit and share all documents in SharePoint. Running version history ensures the availability of the latest version. Extensive search capability, including scanning, OCR and indexing are available as part of SharePoint’s solution platform. Businesses can use SharePoint to manage documents and content, digitally sign and approve them and enable collaboration. Document heavy industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Logistics companies etc. are leveraging the SharePoint platform as a single window end-to-end DMS and workflow automation tool by digitizing their existing paper assets or creating new assets directly from SharePoint to create several efficiencies for their business.

Collaboration – SharePoint essentially being a document management and collaboration tool delivers a big business benefit- allows businesses to get the most out of their teams by enabling them to access, share and store documents and relevant information seamlessly, anytime, anywhere. Through the SharePoint feature of website creation, businesses are using detailed features for collaborative intranets and portals that allow diverse ‘communities’ to work together through version control and permission management.  So SharePoint empowers businesses to connect teams, create Intranet portals on available templates and set up seamless approval workflows on a single platform

With collaboration at the centre of its solution offering, SharePoint delivers a composite business solution where people can work together across groups and geographies, create communities, share documents with flexible access permission settings, manage documents and find and retrieve updated and version-controlled documents for powerful content storage, search and retrieval.


SharePoint brings together various solutions such as intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, workflow management and several more in one powerful platform.

Levtech possesses a strong Microsoft SharePoint practice with cross industry solution development. To know more about how SharePoint can be adopted for your business, write to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com .

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