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Smart AI Enabled CRM Strategies Help Win Customers
30th July 2018
CRM Powered by AI

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product facilitates great customer experiences. With increased complexity of the process, with bigger customer expectations, there is a compelling need to develop an efficient CRM to accomplish bigger objectives. Smart AI solutions act as the perfect catalyst, providing last mile strategy. Besides an engaged customer experience; identifying opportunities, automating customer service roles and predicting sales are some tasks that seamlessly fall in place.

Current research estimates that 43% businesses haven’t carried out full implementation of their CRM strategies effectively. Artificial Intelligence with its advanced algorithms, superlative computing and cost-effective data storage capabilities makes CRM products smarter, evolved and more adaptive to changing business needs.

With consumers driving the service industry, managing large amount of data sets and designing highly accurate data models to deliver value becomes possible with AI. This impacts various kinds of applications including – in real-time – Google’s autocomplete search, collision avoidance features in cars and even online program recommendations.

Smart AI strategies that optimize customer experiences

Harnessed at various stages of a consumer interaction, AI enhances the overall experience. From resolution of critical business decisions, connecting data points and managing documentation processes, winning AI strategies deliver superior customer value.

  • Automated Service Requests Creation – Critical data analysis of consumer insights and customer engagement across social media platforms, helps predict consumer behavior and pre-empt their buying needs
  • Process Efficacy & Predictive Maintenance – Real-time data collection and mapping, increases process efficiency. Car maintenance health checkup for instance can be set up in advance, with reduced down time and cost-effectiveness
  • Real-time Customer Notification – With customer satisfaction being primary, task delays when pre-empted real-time, can be counteracted with alternatives and/or explanations.
  • Predict Future Buying Behavior – Data analysis by AI gives deeper insights into customer buying patterns, making it easier to predict future buying behavior
  • Discrete Data Collation for better Sales Service – Data when analyzed, and adapted on a go-to basis, is a ready source of information for tailoring a better sales experience

Rapidly changing technology will positively impact AI intervention in CRM strategies, so as not to make the platform obsolete. Smart applications with predictive insights about their customers enable unified customer experiences, improve productivity, minimize failure and facilitate cross selling of products. The implications of these technology changes are wide-ranging and manifold. Perhaps the most defining is the role of ‘predictive analysis’ in changing the face of how businesses are run and customers are treated. Intelligence is a sign of technology catching up with its customers, and AI provides CRM solutions with the intelligence capabilities they need for better customer experience.

AI-based CRM Solution – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Analyzing large volumes of consumer data to identify behavior trends, buying triggers etc. is not something new. CRM tools have been providing these functionalities for decades. What differentiates AI enabled CRM strategy is the added layer of sophistication that machine learning enables to these tracking capabilities. However, the future holds even greater promise, with AI uses for CRM extending to Chatbots that can heavily augment or replace human agents; continuous customizing of user experiences through real-time, predictive recommendations; language processing, facial & vice recognition and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provides a CRM suite embedded with advanced AI capabilities. Using multiple intelligence levels and enhanced functionalities to provide smarter and focused solutions, the platform is intuitive, pre-emptive and deep dives into data analysis to address customer concerns. To know more about how to harness AI-driven CRM strategy to win and retain customers, please write to us at marketing@levtechconsulting.com.


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