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Every organization captures data from multiple sources. However, extracting actionable insights from complex data easily and quickly, and making it available to everyone, is the real challenge. Data driven organizations capitalize on self-service business intelligence tools such as Power BI that help them to make sense of their data and drive smarter business decisions.

Power BI is a cloud-based suite of interactive business analytics tools from Microsoft that enables businesses to analyze, visualize, publish and share insights. It is worth noting that Microsoft has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

With Power BI, organizations can get a 360-degree view of their businesses with live real-time dashboards, create interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access information on the go with Power BI Mobile applications. Power BI has something for everyone in the organization, for analysts who can connect to hundreds of sources and create rich, meaningful reports, for business users who can view real-time dashboards from anywhere, any device and drill into details or for IT personnel who can ensure compliance and data security while giving people access to insights they need. What gives Power BI the edge?

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  •  With built-in connectors, Power BI can be connected to hundreds of data sources from Microsoft, Salesforce and other vendors. The data can be on-premise or on cloud.
  •  Power BI’s deep integration with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Excel, Office 365 including SharePoint, Microsoft Flows and Powerpoint, makes it easy to use and shortens the learning curve.
  •  Power BI Q&A integrated with Cortana allows users to ask questions about their data using natural language and get their answers in the form of reports or visuals created automatically. So, a non-technical user does not have to learn complex query languages.
  • : Developers can easily add custom visuals into Power BI and visualize dashboards and reports in their own way.
  •  Developers can embed Power BI content into a web app or other software products using Power APIs.
  •  Users can get a taste of Power BI by starting free with Power BI Desktop and as data storage, analysis and reporting needs grow over time, organizations can purchase the capacity that’s needed – by licensing users individually or going for Power BI Premium.

The service is available as:

  • A downloadable application for Windows 10, Power BI Desktop puts visual examination readily available with instinctive reporting. Move and customize to place content precisely where you need it on the adaptable canvas. Rapidly find designs as you investigate and experiment with visualizations.
  • The Power BI Desktop is a rich end-to-end answer for building rapid and extensive visuals. The Desktop has all the capacities to rapidly associate, shape, envision, and share information experiences through Power BI.
  • Use the information forming and displaying capacities of Power BI Desktop and save time.
  • Control BI makes distribution and sharing of your reports simple.

  • Stay connected with your crucial organization information from anyplace, anytime with native Power BI application for Windows, iOS, and Android. Get a 360° perspective of your business information on the go.
  • Stay fully informed regarding information that drives your business decisions. Find critical bits of data in time and follow up the right away.
  • See your customized dashboards and reports anyplace and anytime. Connect with the important data effectively with Power BI for Windows, iOS, and Android applications.
  • Share live reports and dashboards to keep your employees updated.

Levtech Consulting, a Power BI partner in UAE, can help deploy Power BI in your organization and get the most out of your data.

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