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Vertical Cloud for Construction and Real Estate – MTWO

To cater to the rapidly growing construction sector, RIB and Microsoft have joined forces by creating a vertical cloud, MTWO. The aim of this solution is to enable and scale digital transformation for establishments in the construction and real estate sectors. MTWO combines RIB’s flagship product iTWO 4.0 and Microsoft Azure to deliver best-in-class end-to-end 5D BIM enterprise cloud solution and related services for developers, contractors, owners and other project stakeholders.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, RIB Software SE is the global leader of digital transformation for building and construction industries, providing the most cutting-edge software technologies and innovative working methods to increase industry productivity. RIB is serving 100,000 users worldwide including construction contractors, sub-contractors, developers, owners, investors and governments, in the field of building construction, infrastructure, EPC sector and more.

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Key Features

  • End-to-End process management, in one destination
  • All project stakeholders connected in one platform Virtual construction before physical execution
  • No info silo, lower risks and enhanced collaboration

  • 5D BIM on the cloud
  • 3D BIM connected with time and cost
  • 5D BIM project lifecycle multi-scenario simulation
  • Predicts cash flow, decreases change orders; thus, enhanced productivity and decision making

  • McTWO – the AI engineering assistant is accessible as an auxiliary service for MTWO
  • Uses advanced Machine learning for the Chatbot and Voice Assistant functionalities
  • Abets onsite engineers during quality and safety scrutiny
  • Easy to gather and update real-time onsite data

  • Driven by high-performance Azure cloud technologies
  • Efficient functioning, anywhere and anytime
  • Cloud platform dedicated solely to the construction and real estate industries; thus offers relevant insights
  • Personalized subscription costs, thus reducing upfront costs
  • Diminishes hardware investment, and is exceedingly secure and quick

  • Manages and stores all project and enterprise data in one place
  • Analyzes and Turns historical enterprise data into dashboards to provide business insights
  • Emboldens project control and decision making

  • Open for bespoke app development
  • Highly compatible with mainstream ERP and CAD systems
  • Accomplishes your ever-growing corporate demands


Key Benefits

It is an all-in-one go to solution that amalgamates QTO and Estimation, Site Management, Document Management, 5D BIM Modeling, Procurement, Enterprise Management, Bidding, Partner Management, Mobile Apps, Prefabrication, Workflow Management and Scheduling. It gives you the leverage to multi-task between various workflows and measurement standards, amidst multiple geographical facets with access to a multi-lingual setup. The key differentiators that set this apart are as follows:

It aids, to make smarter decisions. The first of its nature, that has amalgamated various BIM designs for the entire project lifecycle management. Along with providing visualized data-driven decision making, it simulates to achieve time-cost optimized results.

This intuitive interface runs seamlessly on all connected devices, assuring uninterrupted project management.

The best practice data from all projects are real-time updated, analyzed and stored on the cloud, for future business decisions. The data is driven to dashboards that provides deep business insights, that results in smart decision making and thus productive business trends.

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